The morel mushroom is back

10 april 2018
The morel mushroom is back

Every year in spring, the morel mushroom is back on the stalls and in the kitchen of our chefs.

From the Morchellacées family, the morel is a spring mushroom, which is one of the most coveted for its taste both very particular and very delicate. It is one of the prestigious mushrooms, probably also because of its capricious character concerning his apparitions!

The morels mushroom are picked from March to May, they generally announce the arrival of spring. A thermal shock between a very cold winter followed by a warming with rain, is conducive to the appearance of morels. They can be collected in all the regions but Franche-Comté, Vosges or Jura are well endowed with them.
The morels mushroom are only eaten cooked because they contain a toxic substance, hemolysin, which disappear when cooked: they are called "thermolabile".

A delicate mushroom with a too short season but incomparable aromas, to come and taste in exceptional dishes, such as the Bresse chicken with morel mushroom cream sauce...

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